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IGSA Player, Parent, Coach Code of Conduct




The Independence Girls Softball Association (IGSA), a not for profit organization, was founded to provide a place for young girls to learn and play softball. 

Since its inception, IGSA has been guided by its dedication to high standards of teaching skills, sportsmanship and fair play and by its commitment to each girl in the league. 


IGSA considers its activities to be a service to the community and acknowledges that its success is dependent upon the generous donation of time and expertise by volunteers from the community. 





IGSA considers the teaching of good sportsmanship as the most important goal of the program. The proper conduct of the coaches, players, parents and spectators is essential to realizing this goal.  The IGSA Board Members and umpires monitor the conduct of persons involved in the program.  Listed below are the conduct guidelines:





A.  Demonstrate a positive attitude and good sportsmanship toward team, school and community on and off the playing field.

B.  It is the responsibility of all players to attend regularly scheduled games and practices.  If unable to attend practices or games, the coach should be notified.

C.  All players will refrain from using abusive or profane language at all times. 

D.  All players should refrain from fighting with or without provocation.  Fighting will not be tolerated and suspension will be invoked. 





A.  The prime consideration of the coach should be the development of the physical, mental and moral character of the players. 

B.  The coach should set a good example both at the games and away from the league activities.  

C.  The coach should have absolute control of his/her team at all times, but must exercise good judgment and tact in dealing with players, parents and umpires. 

D.  There will be no unnecessary display by a coach as a result of an umpire's call.  Umpire's judgement calls are not grounds for a complaint.

E.  Abusive and profane language and fighting will not be tolerated before, during or a after a game. 

F.  At no time are coaches allowed to smoke or drink in the presence of his/her team.  This is grounds for immediate dismissal.





A.  Parents are responsible for promoting proper conduct at all times for themselves and any guests while attending games. 

B.  Abusive or profane language towards players, coaches, umpires or scorekeepers will not be tolerated at any time. 

C.  Parents are responsible to insure their child is at practices and games as scheduled. 

D;  All parents should refrain from fighting with or without provocation.  Fighting will not be tolerated and suspension from the fields will be invoked. 


Any infraction of the Conduct Guidelines by players, coaches and parents will be reviewed by the IGSA Board for possible disciplinary action.


The IGSA Board sincerely hopes that this season will be fun and rewarding for all participants!

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