Frequently Asked Questions...



All of the coaches that participate in IGSA are required to complete a thorough background check through the City of Independence.  We, and the city, take the safety of your daughters very seriously.  Anyone that does not pass this check or does not complete one, is not allowed to assist at practices or during games.


What is the time committment? 

No more than 4 hours per week is permitted for practice.  Most coaches will practice once a week for 2 hours.  Due to insurance reasons, practices may not begin prior to April 1, 2017.  There may be additional clinics and camps that your daughter is welcome to attend, but it is not mandatory. 


** Please Note:  If a coach is requiring your daughter to practice prior to April 1st, please be aware that your child is not covered by IGSA's league/team insurance until April 1st.  Your coach is aware of this and is ultimately responsible for any injuries incurred at practices prior to that date.  Please know that your child is not required to attend these practices and if you are intimidated into doing so, we would request that you report it to immediately.)  The safety of your daughter is of the utmost importance to this league.


What nights/times are the games?

Youth (T-ball through Division 5) games are regularly on Monday and Thursday nights.  Games begin at 6:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. 


Blast Ball, the women's league and rainout make-up games will be scheduled for Tuesday nights.  If rainout games cannot be scheduled on  Tuesday nights due to field availabilty, a few Wednesday night games may be necessary.

Where are games played?

Most games are played at Adair Park, just South of Home Depot and Cracker Barrel on Lee's Summit Road in Independence.

What division is my daughter in?

What division your daughter plays in is determined by her age as of January 1, 2017.  A player can play up one division, if ready, but may not play down a division, according to USSSA rules.  (To know what division your daughter will be in, please see Board Member page, under home tab.)


What is a Family Membership?

A family membership, which costs $120, applies to all female siblings (2 or more) that live at the same address.  At this time, we do not limit the number of siblings that can play for $120.  This does not apply to any other relationships (ie, cousins, friends, etc.).  Parent may be required to show proof of relationship between players if the board so requests.


What about uniforms?

Your registration fee will cover shirts for all players.  Players may purchase their own black pants or shorts, however, they cannot have any other visible color (logos, piping, stripes, etc.) on them.  We get asked a lot if teams can purchase their own uniforms and the answer is no.  We feel that because this a recreational league, everyone should wear the same league-issued shirts/shorts.   


Where does my money go?

Your fee covers uniforms, umpire fees, field usage (yes, we have to pay to use Adair Park), insurance, lights and awards at the end of the season.  Because the registration fee does not cover all of these expenses, it is necessary to do a fundraiser. 


Do I have to fundraise? 

No, you can opt to do a $35 buyout instead.


Why do I have to fundraise?

Registration fees do not cover all of the expenses listed above and it is necessary for the league to require participation in a fundraiser/buyout.


What is the fundraiser for 2017?

Information will be coming soon.


If I have more than one daughter playing, do they each have to fundraise?

Yes, we offer a drastic discount for 2 or more children of the same family to play.  Therefore, each child will be required to fundraise or do a $35 buyout.  


When will my daughter find out who her coach is?

Our Coach's meeting is on Tuesday, March 21st.  The coaches will be given a list of their players on that night.  Please give the coaches at least until Sunday, the 26th, to contact you. If you do not hear from them by then, please contact your division rep (see board member contact information under home tab).

Can I apply for a scholarship?  For the 2017 season, IGSA is offering a few need based scholarships.  We understand that everyone can fall on hard times and for that reason, we want to award scholarships to those that most need it.  If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please complete the form on the home page and submit by midnight, March 3rd.  A scholarship committee will review the applicants and select those they feel could most benefit from a scholarship for the 2017 season.  Scholarships are only awarded once per family.  All applicants for the 2017 season will be notified by Sunday, March 5th.  If you are not awarded a scholarship, you will be given the opportunity to sign up late without a late fee until March 6th.

Who can I contact with a question or problem? 

We encourage you to contact your division rep first.  All division reps are listed on the Board Member drop down tab on the home page.  If you do not get your question answered or your problem taken care of, we would ask that you email your concern to and we will address your concern as soon as possible.