2021 Spring softball season registrations are now closed!









Fallball registrations coming in July 2020 


All FALL BALL games will be played on Saturdays in September

and/or October at Independence Athletic Complex

(off of 291 Hwy and Salisbury Rd. in Independence). 


Games will be double-headers (except for t-ball) and will begin at 9 a.m. and

will be played throughout  the day with a 1 hour drop-dead time limit.  (We are doing this to stay on time throughout the day.)  The latest game will be

determined by how many teams we have.  




*All Spring/Summer games are played at Adair Park.  Games are on Monday and Thursday evenings, with some rainout make-up games possible on Tuesday or Wednesday nights.  
Coaches are not to practice more than 4 hours total, per week. 
Players are not covered by league insurance until April 1st, therefore team 
practices are not allowed prior to that date.
* Blast Ball and Women's League plays Tuesday nights at Adair Park.
Women's League Registrations will be available in late March.