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Games (double-headers) will be played on Tuesday nights, 
at Adair Park at 6:30 and 8 p.m.  
2020 Women's League Rules - CLICK HERE
The purpose of the 18 & over Women's League...
First and foremost, the IGSA Women's League is meant to provide a place for women (18 & over) to continue playing the game they have always loved to play in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere.
While it's difficult to scale back after playing competitive softball for years, we all slow down as we get older and realize that there are more important things in life....family, work and good health. 

Women's 18 & Over League...


IGSA is one of the only leagues in the area to currently offer a Women's (18 & over) Fastpitch League.  The Summer league starts the end of May and runs until the first part of July.  We play 6 weeks of double-headers at Adair Park in Independence, Missouri.  We have had anywhere from 4 to 7 teams over the past 8 years, since the league's inception.  The skill level of the teams range from beginner to advanced.  The goal for the league is to have fun while continuing to play the sport these women have loved their whole life.  While competition is visible, we strongly encourage the teams to lean on the recreational side and have a good time without getting too serious.  We will start our 9th season in May 2019 with this league and are hoping to build participation numbers this year.  Watch for online registration forms to be on the website in mid April.  




When are games played?

The 18 & over women's league will play double-headers on Tuesday nights at Adair Park, in 2019.  Game times will be 6:30 and 8 p.m.

Do teams practice?  

Some teams choose to practice and other teams just show up on Tuesday nights to get some game time.  Because it's strictly for fun and most women have jobs, families and other activities, it can be difficult to fit practices in, so it's up to each team.  No team is allowed to require practice. 


What is the cost per player?

The cost for the 2019 season will be $75 per player. 


Where does money from player fees go?

Many people don't realize the expenses associated with a league.  IGSA pays to use Adair Park, the lights for night games, umpires, insurance and t-shirts.  The $75 player fee enables us to break even with the league costs.  


Do I have to bring a full team with me?

No.  We typically have pool players that sign up as individuals looking to play and we will place them on teams according to the position they play and what needs a team (that isn't already full) has.   That being said, if you bring a partial team and we don't have enough pool players and you are not able to get enough players of your own to meet the minimum roster requirement, you will not be able to have a team.


How many are on a team?

In this division, we require teams to carry no less than 11 on their roster, although we prefer and recommend 12.  There are nights when teams with 12 or more people on their roster are scrambling to find players as some of their team members have other responsibilities and can't make it due to work or other responsibilities.  This makes it bad for the team they are playing against.


Why aren't there more teams in the league?

We currently promote the league on KC Fastpitch, IGSA's Facebook page and website, via a banner on the fence at Adair Park and we have sent emails to local college coaches in the past years.  If anyone has an idea for getting the word out to build this league, please email your idea to IGSA@att.net.  We would love to fill Adair park on Tuesday nights with the women's league!


Can I just sub? 

Yes, you may sub if your schedule is too busy to commit to a full season.  However, in order to be fair to those players that have committed and paid to play a full season, and so that all players are covered by insurance, it is required that ALL subs complete a form, sign a waiver and pay $8 per game ($15 per night) to play.  This money must be submitted to your team manager prior to you taking the field.  (Note: It is the responsibility of the team manager to submit the form and your money to a league representative prior to you taking the field.  If this is not done, you will not be allowed to sub the next season and the team you are playing for may not be allowed to return next season.) 


Is this a rec league?

Yes, it is a recreational league.  However, there are teams that are of a higher caliber than others.  We do not keep stats and the purpose of the league is to have a good time.  We have zero tolerance for poor sportsmanship. 


Why don't you award trophies for the best record?

Besides being an added expense that the league cannot afford, it promotes a competitive atmosphere, which we are trying to avoid. There are also nights when several players are missing from a team due to work or family responsibilities which would affect the outcome of the standings.


What is the age limit?

IGSA has no age limit.  While all players must be at least 18 years of age on January 1, 2019, there is no maximum age.


Do we have to get uniforms?

No, the league provides t-shirts.  You may wear shorts or pants of your choosing.  Shirts must be worn as made and sleeves may not be removed prior to the end of the season. 


Are metal cleats allowed?

Yes, metal cleats are allowed in this league.

Are face masks and chin straps required on batting helmets?

Not at this time, but please be aware of the dangers of not wearing one.  Foul balls off the end of a bat or a wild pitch can cause serious facial injuries.  If the batting helmet is equipped with a chin strap, it must be worn correctly under the chin.


Do you have more questions that we didn't answer OR do you have a suggestion on how to make the league better?  If so, please contact Susan at IGSA@att.net.